We are a British furniture manufacturer with over 60 years’ Combined experience.

Our products are made solely out of the best materials, solid and durable beech or oak wood and best quality fabrics sourced nationally. As a result, we create the outstanding  chairs, armchairs, Wing back chairs, fireside chairs and orthopedic chairs 

When creating our models, we are inspired and motivated by the relationship between the product and the space where it belongs to.

By choosing our furniture, you gain something more than just chair or a place to sit. You receive a handmade product that will stand the test of time. From the first concept, throughout the production process, up until the final effect – there are lots of people that put their heart in to your chair.

During the creation of the product our expert craftsmen are needed. Only an expert craftsmen can perfectly appoint each element, fit them together to create a complete piece.
a noble material such as wood requires exceptional precision, engagement and experience to shape into your comfort zone  

Wingback Chairs

Fireside Chairs

Orthopedic Chairs

Dining Chairs